The Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing & Midwifery

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) has convened a core panel of visionary global nurse leaders, the Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing & Midwifery (GAPFON), to identify global healthcare issues, specifically noting those related to a voice and vision for nursing. Additionally this panel is providing their thoughts on the current status of each of these issues and helping develop corresponding solutions that would effectively address them.

Recognizing the need to actively involve key stakeholders from each global region and that the greatest opportunity to positively impact global health is multi-disciplinary and intersectoral, the core panel has recommended expanding GAPFON to include engagement with a network of regional leaders across the world. This global engagement is underway, with regional meetings being held around the world. Through these efforts GAPFON seeks to participate in and influence health policy, nursing leadership and practice, education, and the global health agenda, as well as to provide evidence on the value of nursing and midwifery.

Who is GAPFON?

GAPFON is chaired by Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Dean Emerita and Professor Martha Hill, PhD, RN, FAAN. The 14 panel members, independent of the organizations they serve, are some of the world’s most prominent nurse leaders.

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GAPFON Meetings and Locations

The inaugural meeting was convened 26-29 March 2014 at the Hotel Kurhaus Kreuz in Mariastein, Switzerland. The setting fostered an intense and creative open discussion to identify and discuss strategies to positively influence global health.

STTI is currently in the process of convening regional GAPFON meetings around the world. A variety of leaders and stakeholders from each region are being invited to share knowledge and social, economic, cultural, and political insight related to issues determined at the inaugural meeting. Data from these meetings will provide the basis for an action plan that will include policy implications. In addition to the invited stakeholders, observer registration opportunities will be available for the meetings listed below.

Regional Meeting Recap

Asia/Pacific Rim
South Korea: 15-16 June 2015
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Puerto Rico: 17-18 July 2015
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Latin/Central America
Puerto Rico: 20-21 July 2015
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North America
United States Meeting 1: 22-23 February 2016
United States Meeting 2: 25-26 February 2016
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Middle East
Abu Dhabi: 23-24 March 2016
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Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 1-2 June 2016
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Cape Town, South Africa: 18-19 July 2016
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For more information...

For information about upcoming regional meetings and other GAPFON activities, please return to this site on a regular basis. Updates, new developments, and instructions on how to register as an observer for regional meetings will be posted as the details are finalized. If you have other specific questions related to GAPFON, please email Tina Darling at STTI: